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The value and prestige of the Italian Cuisine in the world is the result of the quality ot it's products.

Il valore e il prestigio della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo, nasce dai suoi produtti...

It is our pleasure to welcome you to our website where you will find all our products and the information you wish.

Two Luxury Restaurants - Corona Blanca and Parquemar

In our Ristoranti Rimini you can have a good time on one of our two beautiful luxury terraces.

The first one, ideal for that special occasions, eiter to spend with family or business, located at the Avda. Tenerife, 11 (Aptos. Corona Blanca), which offers you a quiet environment with a fountain surrounded by beautiful gardens and illuminated palm-trees.

The second one is a little bit more informal and it is located at the Avda. de Gran Canaria, 28 (next to Hotel Eugenia Victoria, in front of Aptos. Parquemar) which offers you the same quality,; product of over 23 yours of experience.

Both restaurants offer all the quality of our Ristoranti Rimini as wll as a warm and fiendly service.

Do not forget our smart and distinguished, but also cosy and intimate rooms.

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Perhaps the only difficulty you will find in the Ristoranti Rimini is to choose the plate you prefer: Vitello Tonnato, Endives with garlic shrimps, Salmon carpaccios, Tune, Meat, Risottos, Soggy rices, Pizzas, Starters, Cold meats and italian cheeses are some of the dlights that you could taste.

And about the desserts ... it worths tasting every one of them. Cr�me brul�e with brown sugar. Home made puddings, Lemon Sherbets, Chocolate Mousse and Italian ice-creams hand made by the Ristoranti, which are the perfectly full stop for an unforgettable meal.

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